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ExpressPlay SDK

The ExpressPlay SDK includes comprehensive documentation, and it is designed to easily enable Hollywood studio grade DRM protection within an iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X application. The links below provide a general overview, important concepts and additional details on the ExpressPlay SDK.


SDK Documentation

This section provides links to the developer guides and reference documentation for each flavor of the ExpressPlay SDK

iOS & Android

ExpressPlay SDK for iOS and SDK for Android both offer easy to use APIs with simple examples to help point you in the right direction. See below for SDK API documentation options.

OSX & Windows

The ExpressPlay SDK for Windows and SDK for OS X are available upon request. You can request access to these SDKs via the ExpressPlay Admin web console. See below for SDK API documentation options.

Source SDK

Qualified developers looking for a solution on custom platforms (such as embedded Linux) may need access to the ExpressPlay Source SDK. See below for the Source SDK documentation options.

Mobile Players

The ExpressPlay SDK can work in conjunction with a variety of player frameworks available on Android and iOS. The following mobile player frameworks are compatible with ExpressPlay SDK. In the case of Android VideoView and ExoPlayer those frameworks are available as part of the Android SDK. In the case of other mobile players, please contact the mobile player developer for more information on their product.


Android VideoView


Android ExoPlayer









Devices with Marlin or PlayReady

Devices which have Marlin or PlayReady built-in do not need the ExpressPlay SDK in order to work with ExpressPlay. You simply use the app SDK for the device platform such as the Roku SDK or the XBOX XDK. You can use the ExpressPlay service to provide tokens for your apps on those platforms to play protected content.