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Android Compatibility

The following is the list of Android devices and operating system versions which have been tested and confirmed compatible with ExpressPlay SDK. Additional device configurations may also be compatible. However, they have not been tested.

Manufacturer Model OS Version
HTC One M7 HTC One 4.x
HTC Nexus 9 5.0
LG Nexus 5 4.x and 5.0
LG Nexus 7 4.x
LG Nexus 10 4.x
Motorola Moto G SM3767AE7B5 4.x
Motorola Moto G2 ZX1D227L54 4.x
Motorola Moto X (1st gen) 4.x
Samsung GALAXY Note 2 N7100 4.x
Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N9000 4.x
Samsung GALAXY Note 4 N9100 4.x
Samsung GALAXY S3 GT-I9300 4.x
Samsung GALAXY S4 GT-I9505 4.x
Samsung GALAXY S4 Mini GT-I9195 4.x
Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900F 4.x
Samsung GALAXY Tab GT-P3113 4.x
Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 GT-P3100 4.2
Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 GT-P5210 4.x
Samsng GALAXY Tab 3 SM-T210 4.x
Samsng GALAXY Tab 4 SM-T230NU 4.4
Samsng GALAXY Tab 4 SM-T530NU 4.4
Samsung GALAXY Tab Pro M-320 .x
Sony Xperia Z 4.x
Sony Xperia Z2 4.x
Sony Xperia Z3 4.x
Tesco Hudl HT7B16S3 4.x