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Free live streaming anti-piracy consultation

Assess the risks your content is facing and what to do about it

Video service providers worldwide are expanding their reach by offering OTT live streaming of sports, eSports, and other linear content, making OTT delivered programming an attractive consumer option. 

As a result, a massive amount of valuable content becomes exposed to potential online theft. The skill and sophistication of today’s pirates, with constantly shifting tactics aimed at defeating advances in content protection, is a major threat to legitimate service providers.

Do you know what to look for when evaluating anti-piracy services for live streaming? How does digital rights management, digital fingerprinting, and forensic watermarking really work?

Speak to a security specialist to help determine what kind of potential vulnerabilities your live streaming content may be exposed to and, above all, what to do about it. Just let us know your availability and we’ll be in touch.