Intertrust Announces DRM API Integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Sunnyvale, Calif. Apr 03, 2019Intertrust, a pioneer in Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, announced today that its ExpressPlay uDRM™ service now includes API integration with AWS Elemental services via the Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE) API. SPEKE defines the standard for authentication and communication between encryptors and digital rights management (DRM) key servers. Encryptors include video encoders, transcoders, and origin servers.

As UHD formats and “large screen” OTT-friendly devices become commonplace, consumers are streaming premium content such as live sports and early release window movie and TV titles. With the need to secure these media assets against ever-present piracy threats, powerful content protection technologies are being rolled out. These include multi-DRM services with multiple integration points that create an industry interoperability challenge, increased project risk, and delayed ollouts.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) developed the SPEKE API to simplify and standardize the DRM service-to-packager integration and to allow a rich set of content protection technologies such as key rotation. SPEKE, which is based on open industry standards, was implemented on the Intertrust ExpressPlay uDRM service to allow smooth interoperability with video processing and packaging offerings from AWS Elemental – the AWS Elemental MediaPackage and AWS Elemental MediaConvert cloud services, and the AWS Elemental Delta and AWS Elemental Live appliance products. This SPEKE implementation is operational in early deployments worldwide.

ExpressPlay uDRM is a proven cloud-based DRM service offering support for the leading DRM technologies, including the standards-based Marlin DRM, Adobe Primetime, Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, and Microsoft PlayReady. The ExpressPlay uDRM cross-platform SDK enables application developers, and device and SoC manufacturers to quickly and cost effectively support the open standard Marlin DRM.

“AWS Elemental MediaPackage and AWS Elemental Delta reliably prepare and protect video for delivery over the Internet, to a wide set of video playback devices,” said Nabil Kanaan, Director, Product Marketing, Media at Intertrust Technologies. “ExpressPlay uDRM, with its wide array of DRM technologies and corresponding range of secure playback devices, has rolled out tighter API integration with an industry leader in packaging, encryption, and delivery, therefore greatly assisting our joint customers to confidently launch OTT secure services.

About Intertrust

Intertrust provides trusted computing products and services to leading global corporations – from mobile, CE and IoT manufacturers, to service providers, and enterprise software platform companies. These products include the world’s leading digital rights management (DRM), software tamper resistance, and technologies to enable private data exchanges for various verticals including energy, entertainment, retail/marketing, automotive, fintech, and IoT.

Founded in 1990, Intertrust is headquartered in Silicon Valley with regional offices in London, Tokyo, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Beijing, Seoul, Riga, and Tallinn. The company has a legacy of invention, and its fundamental contributions in the areas of computer security and digital trust are globally recognized. Intertrust holds hundreds of patents that are key to Internet security, trust, and privacy management components of operating systems, trusted mobile code and networked operating environments, web services, and cloud computing.

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