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The Customer Authenticator (Legacy)

This tutorial explains how to obtain the authentication parameter required in all calls to the ExpressPlay REST API.

The Customer Authenticator

The ExpressPlay Service provides a rich REST API for generating content licenses for a variety of DRM systems. The Customer Authenticator is a unique and confidential value that must be specified in the customerAuthenticator parameter of each API call.

Customer Authenticator for Marlin DRM

The ExpressPlay SDK comes in two flavors Production and Test. To use the Test version with the ExpressPlay service you will need an Test Customer Authenticator and to use the Production SDK you will need the Production Customer Authenticator. Both authenticators can be accessed from the Marlin DRM system page

Customer Authenticator for Widevine, PlayReady and FairPlay

DRM systems other than Marlin only a Production Authenticator is available.

Validity Period

The Test and production Customer Authenticators are valid throughout the trial period, after which you will need to subscribe to a service plan to continue to use them.