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Mitigating live sports streaming piracy

As outlined in the “2022 global overview of live sports streaming” paper, live sports streaming is surging to a new and dominant role in sportscasting with major implications for how license holders go about monetizing and protecting their assets. In a nutshell, as ever more sports producers move to live streaming, the potential losses to thriving, ultra-sophisticated online piracy is growing exponentially.

In this paper, we explore the risk implications, the piracy techniques, and consumer appetite for stolen content underlying pirates’ success. 

We conclude by describing the steps that can be taken to maximize the effectiveness of anti-piracy measures. While the types of solutions are well known, the nuances that distinguish more successful approaches are less well understood. With so much at stake, it’s time to take far-reaching actions enabled by the best anti-piracy tools available to ensure maximum returns on producers’ efforts to deliver what consumers want.