Bitmovin Bitmovin is a leading provider of video infrastructure for online media companies and enterprises globally. Bitmovin technology innovations focus on video encoding, playback, and analytics around user experiences. Innovations include the co-authoring of the MPEG-DASH streaming protocol, and massively parallel cloud-native encoding


Jscrambler is the leader in JavaScript protection and webpage monitoring. The company’s enterprise-grade security solutions enable JavaScript and HTML5 applications to become self-defensive and resilient to tampering and reverse-engineering, while also providing complete visibility over client-side attacks, including DOM tampering, supply chain attacks, and customer hijacking. Jscrambler is trusted by the Fortune 500 and 43.000+ companies and individuals globally.


THEOplayer, our fully HTML5 Universal Video Player, is since 2017 the number one video player in the market. Proven compatibility with industry-leading solutions for streaming, advertising, DRM, analytics and server-side ad insertion. Awarded Best Video Player/SDK Solution in the last three years. Focusing on delivering the most performant video playback technology: superior viewer experience in terms of latency, start-up time, seeking time, etc. and the most advanced feature set and functionalities.


VisualOn provides players, QoS analytics and ad insertion/tracking. We offer video client solutions for Android, iOS and HTML5 – our customers, which include half of the top 10 global telecom providers as well as the two largest OTT services, have the choice of players based on open-source or fully proprietary stacks.


Vewd is the leading provider of OTT and Hybrid TV solutions, connecting consumers anywhere to the content they love. By making OTT possible on nearly 50 million connected devices each year, Vewd leads the way in defining the future of entertainment. Our suite of products and services are crafted to simplify complexity and offer solutions that unite the entire value chain, from silicon vendors to end users. Market leaders such as Samsung, Sony, Verizon, TiVo, and many more rely on Vewd products and services. Follow us, as we make OTT extraordinary.