Intertrust ExpressPlay Newsletter—July 2021

ExpressPlay DRM Dashboard

Every OTT streamer needs access to real-time DRM usage metrics. ExpressPlay DRM Dashboard and Metrics API provides interactive data analytics for all regions where the OTT operator provides streaming services. The data offers insights that help OTT operators to improve the QoE and contribute to more cost effective operations. Download the guide now.

The impact of piracy on live streaming services

Total losses to piracy of streamed content are skyrocketing. By 2022 such losses will reach $51.6 billion, double the amount lost in 2016. However, actively targeting piracy sources and converting just a portion of illicit viewers to legitimate subscribers could result in billions of dollars in new revenue for OTT operators globally. Download infographic here.

Understanding the reach of today’s video piracy

Losses due to online video piracy keep going up. While pirate business models vary widely, the most successful ones aggregate stolen video into legitimate-looking service offerings of on-demand and live content. In this article we cover common forms of professional piracy, and we also look at the crowded pool of amateur thieves that engage in illegal viewing through credential sharing and other means. Read the article and feel free to get in touch for a complimentary anti-piracy consultation.

Sky New Zealand Selects ExpressPlay DRM to Protect Sky Go OTT Service

Sky New Zealand selects Intertrust’s ExpressPlay DRM cloud service to help protect Sky Go, its OTT TV Everywhere service. Sky Go is a Live TV and VOD OTT companion service offering premium sports, news, movies, shows, and entertainment to all Sky box customers, anywhere in New Zealand. ExpressPlay DRM will protect all Live OTT streaming content delivered over the Sky Go service.  Read the PR to learn more.