Intertrust ExpressPlay Newsletter—April 2022

The importance of application shielding for video streaming services

Computing platforms are prime piracy targets due to their relatively open environments. Therefore, it is crucial to lock down browsers, not only to protect valuable content from piracy but also to shield the browser code itself from hacking and manipulation. To bring this critical layer of security to streaming platforms, Intertrust Expressplay announces an integration of ExpressPlay Media Security Suite with Jscrambler’s client-side security platform. Read this article to learn about enterprise-grade JavaScript/HTML5 protection alongside hardened client-side watermarking as part of the ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy service.

Secure OTT Streaming with Cloud-Based Multi-DRM Service on AWS

The AWS-Intertrust solution brief describes how ExpressPlay DRM leverages the Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE) v2.0 API that defines the standard for encrypted communication between encoders, origin servers, and DRM systems. The integration enables secure workflows and smooth interoperability with AWS video processing and packaging offerings. Operators can enjoy major cost savings by eliminating cost of permanently overprovisioned on-prem systems, while serving up large volumes of DRM licenses securely for major live events. Download the brief now.

Video watermarking – A key anti-piracy tool for live sports content

The rapid growth and value of live sports and eSports streaming services has attracted the attention of professional pirates and multi-national crime syndicates. Illegitimate live sports streaming services have proliferated in many regions. In this article, we introduce video watermarking technology and related techniques as a crucial element of an anti-piracy strategy, and how to combine watermarking with web monitoring tools for the ultimate piracy protection. Read the article now.

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