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Converged security for broadcast and OTT

Our cloud-based broadcast security solution, based on Marlin DRM, enables direct-to-TV broadcasting to smart TVs without STBs

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Market forces shaping an essential role for smart TVs in broadcaster strategies

The smart TV is the linchpin to next-gen hybrid broadcasting and monetization

Convergence of direct-to-TV (D2TV) broadcasting and OTT streaming

Broadcasters have been on a collision course with fast growing OTT operators for more than a decade. Yet, the worlds of content protection, conditional access systems (CAS) and digital rights management (DRM), remain silo-based.

Smart TVs now come equipped with advanced security features similar to STBs, such as hardware root of trust, trusted execution environment (TEE), and secure video path (SVP). ExpressPlay XCA enables service providers to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for direct-to-TV broadcasting (D2TV) by adopting a DRM-based converged security strategy. D2TV delivery dramatically reduces CAPEX and OPEX by eliminating the cost and logistics of STBs and CAMs.

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Converged security for broadcast TV and OTT based on Marlin DRM

ExpressPlay XCA, built on open-standard Marlin DRM, enables pay-TV operators and broadcasters to deliver premium/UHD content directly to smart TVs without set-top boxes, reducing TCO. The converged broadcast-OTT security client is pre-integrated into various chipsets and numerous TV manufacturer products, thus speeding time-to-market while reducing project risk.

Reducing TCO with direct-to-TV broadcasting

Direct-to-TV broadcast delivery dramatically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating STBs and CAMs. The solution enables secure playback of both scrambled DVB signals and OTT streaming on smart TVs with a Marlin DRM converged security client.

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Pre-integrated security in smart TV ensures fast deployment

ExpressPlay XCA client SDK is pre-integrated with major smart TV and STB brands. The XCA client SDK utilizes advanced on-chip security functions required by studios for UHD/HDR content licensing:

  • Converged DVB-OTT client with TEE/SVP support
  • Self-certification of clients cuts cost and accelerates time-to-market

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Trusted by premium studios and content providers

ExpressPlay XCA offers hardware-based security that meets Hollywood standards for premium UHD/4K and early access content. The studios trust Marlin as a top-quality DRM system, which conforms with MovieLabs’ Enhanced Content Protection specification, facilitating premium content licensing.

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Flexible business models and standards support

ExpressPlay XCA provides flexible business model support for Pay TV, Free-to-View, Free-to-Air, and subscription-based offerings. It is fully compliant with DVB standards including Simulcrypt, HbbTV, and Android TV. Operators control device activation, deactivation and content usage rules through their Subscriber Management System (SMS).

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Marlin – The only universal open-standard DRM

Co-founded by Intertrust, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, and Sony in 2005, Marlin is a consumer electronics and mobile friendly technology, compatible with popular OS, platforms, codecs, file formats, and delivery systems. Marlin supports various content distribution models like download, streaming, multicast, and broadcast.

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Marlin – The only universal open-standard DRM

Broad partner ecosystem

ExpressPlay XCA provides operators with broad product and services ecosystem, comprising pre-integrated chipsets and client devices including major smart TV brands and hybrid STBs, various video processing and middleware partners, and support for formal and de facto industry standards.

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Operator Application (OpApp) support

XCA is designed to support Operator Applications (OpApps) based on, for example, HbbTV and Android, as well as native OpApps, allowing them to interact with the XCA application layer.

Examples of client integrations:

  • XCA HbbTV integration by VEWD and Vestel TV
  • XCA integration with the Sony Android TV

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Pre-integrated chipsets and smart TV brands

Marlin is pre-integrated with major chipsets and smart TV brands:

  • Chipsets from Broadcom, Mediatek, MStar, Novatek and Realtek
  • Smart TVs from Vestel, Sony, and Hisense

With on-chip security functions such as TEE and SVP, no risk of HDMI ripping, and optional forensic watermarking, ExpressPlay XCA for smart TVs offers better security than a traditional CAS with STBs/CAMs.

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Pre-integrated Hybrid TV application software

Vewd is a leading user interface and applications provider for OTT and Hybrid TV services. Together, Vewd and Intertrust form a strong combination in the smart TV and hybrid device markets for pay TV and FTA:

  • Both integrate with smart TVs from Vestel, Sony, and HiSense
  • Both work closely with major SOC providers
  • HD+ Germany first joint success story

ExpressPlay XCA success story: HD+ Germany

HD PLUS GmbH, a subsidiary of SES S.A., operates HD+, a German DTH premium service in HD quality. Vestel has integrated ExpressPlay XCA and VEWD middleware to enable HD+ D2TV reception in UHD sets in 9 of its brands such as Toshiba, Telefunken, JVC, and Hitachi, via an HbbTV OpApp. No further hardware such as STB, CI+ module or smartcard is required for reception.

Converged XCA broadcast-OTT security based on Marlin DRM

Modern smart TV SoCs equipped with TEE and SVP

XCA enables D2TV broadcasting to HD+ TV sets without STBs/CAMs

Better content protection and lower TCO than CAS + STB + HDMI

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Converged content protection for hybrid TV services

DRM-based converged security solution supports both direct-to-TV broadcasting and OTT services

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