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Secure offline streaming

ExpressPlay DRM Offline provides a multi-DRM solution for secure content delivery and offline playback in environments with limited internet access.

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Secure offline streaming for travel and in-transit content services

A secure offline streaming solution ideal for travel and hospitality applications

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ExpressPlay DRM Offline

There are environments with limited internet access that prevent users from receiving streaming content. These limitations often affect travelers on airplanes, buses, and automobiles, for example. ExpressPlay DRM Offline is a multi-DRM solution that is designed to protect content delivery and playback in offline environments. It is designed for travel and hospitality applications with limited internet access such as in-flight entertainment (IFE).

Studio trusted security facilitates premium content licensing

ExpressPlay DRM Offline is a multi-DRM platform featuring the studio trusted and highly versatile Marlin DRM along with two other DRM systems, namely Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay Streaming. It is designed to secure content delivery and playback in offline environments such as IFE.

ExpressPlay DRM Offline fulfills the requirements of MovieLabs’ Enhanced Content Protection specification. This facilitates licensing of UHD 4K and other premium content for DRM protected on-demand services.

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Choice of ExpressPlay SDKs or native DRM clients

ExpressPlay Binary SDK for Android

  • Playback of protected HLS and MPEG-DASH content even on devices without native DRM support

ExpressPlay Binary SDK for iOS

  • Playback of protected HLS and MPEG-DASH content on iOS devices

ExpressPlay Source SDK

  • Playback of protected content in smart TVs and STBs

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Secure content distribution in limited access environment

ExpressPlay DRM Offline supports offline streaming. It is a multi-DRM solution that fully complies with the security requirements for limited access and offline environments. ExpressPlay DRM Offline manages the license keys, and authorized users gain secure access to premium and rights-managed content.

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Marlin DRM

The Marlin DRM specification was co-founded by Intertrust, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, and Sony. Marlin is a consumer electronics and mobile friendly technology. It is compatible with popular operating systems, codecs, file formats, and delivery networks. Marlin supports various content distribution models like streaming, multicast, broadcast, and download for offline playback.

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Marlin DRM

Entertainment on-the-go use cases

In-Flight Entertainment icon

In-Flight Entertainment

The IFE market is increasingly requiring direct delivery of content to users' BYOD devices. The ExpressPlay DRM Offline enables the creation of a secure Wi-Fi cloud to distribute DRM protected content in-flight. There is no requirement for upstream connectivity during the flight. For airlines, it is also a potential revenue generator, or an added competitive perk.

In-vehicle entertainment icon

In-vehicle entertainment

In-vehicle entertainment entails providing both secure offline streaming and playback on users’ own video devices. The content is secured and protected with ExpressPlay DRM Offline. Users benefit from a complete on-the-go service for in-car, in-bus and in-train environments. There is no requirement for upstream connectivity.

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Hospitality & public hotspots

Content hotspots are Wi-Fi zones, where users can enjoy protected content securely, by providing an offline support solution. These hotspots form the access end-points for mobile devices and enable secure video streaming, protected by ExpressPlay DRM Offline. Hotspots are especially useful for hospitals, hotels, army bases, and more.

Webcast: Introduction to Marlin DRM

Learn why and how the Marlin DRM specification was created. Explore what adopters have been doing to grow the Marlin device ecosystem. See examples from the largest global deployments to the most innovative commercial uses.

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