Transform TV audiences into everywhere audiences

ExpressPlay Audience is a data management platform (DMP) built specifically for broadcasters. We help you securely onboard and manage audience data, and more effectively serve and re-target viewers across devices and platforms.

Audience Intelligence

Know your audiences

Our platform helps broadcasters solve the greatest challenge in reaching viewers: relevant and timely targeting.

By comparing broadcasters’ viewer data with our expansive data sets, we help you learn more about your viewers’ demographics and preferences.

TV watching

Audience Segments

Create smart audience segments

Enhance your audience data by correlating it with 2 billion devices IDs we’ve profiled worldwide.

You can create anonymous profiles of not only consumer interests, but provide context as well, such as identifying level of interest or where a consumer is in a purchase process.

Audience Targeting

Reach audiences old and new with relevance

Act on audience insights and segments to field new content ideas and better market to your existing viewers.

Expand your audience through lookalike modeling, by identifying prospects that match your highest-performing segments.

Ad Personalization

Define your audiences.
Broaden your ad revenue.

Broadcasters know that their unique, curated audiences are key to their advertising revenues.

With our ExpressPlay Ads dynamic ad insertion (DAI) solution, deliver highly personalized ads across all devices, maximizing the value of your ad inventory.

Audience Dashboard

Powerful. Fast. Intuitive.

Even with over 1000 personas available, ExpressPlay Audience’s targeting tools make it easy for marketers to create custom audience segments.

Data Marketplaces

Expand the reach of your insights

With ExpressPlay Audience, broadcasters can securely monetize their audience data.

Our platform allows owners of first-party data to provide secure, conditional access to marketers and data scientists, among others.

Fine-grained Access Control

A DMP you truly control

Broadcasters retain control of their data with Audience. They can allow their data to be pooled with other publishers’ data for a wide breadth of user profiles. But may also opt for total control by siloing their data in private data-driven ad marketplaces.

Privacy and Security

Built with people in mind

As the founder of digital rights management (DRM), Intertrust is uniquely qualified to care for your user data.