Intertrust ExpressPlay Newsletter—October 2020

Finding a comprehensive solution to battle live streaming piracy

The OTT industry’s landmark shift to live streaming has spawned a wave in online piracy that requires new approaches to protecting content. In this white paper we define the content protection needs for the live streaming era, including streamlining of multi-DRM operations while minimizing latency, together with live-optimized anti-piracy and watermarking services.

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A converged security strategy for broadcast TV and streaming services

Smart TV sales are forecasted to increase from $157 billion in 2018 to $258 billion by 2024. Best of all, smart TVs now come equipped with the security features of high-end STBs, such as TEE and SVP. In fact, service providers can now eliminate the cost and logistics of providing STBs/CAMs for smart TV households by adopting a converged security strategy and deliver content securely Direct to TV (D2TV) without requiring external hardware or dongles. Read this blog post to find out more!

“How to Trust Your Player” – Securing Content Access with DRM Best Practices

As discussed in the first article of our series on “How to Trust Your Player,” piracy is a big business, and leverages the same technology advances as legitimate OTT streaming services. Learn about best practices for leveraging a cloud-based multi-DRM service to protect high-value streaming content. Read this comprehensive article now!

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