Intertrust ExpressPlay Newsletter—May 2021

How to secure e-learning services as piracy risks intensify

The e-learning market’s use of streaming video has reached a point where rigorous content protection is critical in an environment already plagued by massive online piracy. In our latest white paper we look at why online piracy is now a major concern in the e-learning market. We then review the content protection mechanisms that providers must consider to prevent piracy. Finally, we explore how to attain the highest level of protection at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Download white paper now.


Blog: Forces driving hybrid DVB service strategies

Facing unprecedented challenges to their core businesses, DVB broadcasters are shifting to direct-to-TV services with increasing urgency. The emergence of the smart TV as a mainstream viewing platform lets broadcasters deliver combinations of broadcast and internet-based services that viewers can’t get elsewhere. The upside opportunity is not limited to viewers as broadcasters now look to capitalize on OTT advertising trends to compensate for the falloff in legacy TV ad dollars as explored further in this article.


Blog: The need for a converged security solution

The smart TV user base has reached critical mass in DVB markets, making smart TVs an attractive place for both broadcasters and MVPDs to anchor new hybrid service strategies. With broad smart TV support for the latest security technology and the HbbTV standard, broadcasters can offer both legacy and direct-to-TV services without requiring STBs or CAMs. In this article, we zoom in on innovative smart TV content protection for DVB and OTT services that eliminates the burden of separate CAS and DRM silos.

Live Webinar: “Protecting Your Content and Your Customers”

Friday May 21, 8:30 PT / 12:30 ET / 17:30 CET (1 hour)

There’s more premium content than ever, and content owners are finding value in video they previously might not have attempted to monetize. But in order to monetize it, content owners need to deploy robust, interoperable DRM, watermarking, and other content protection solutions. This panel will look at what options are available today, discuss which ones are most beneficial for particular types of content, and help you make sense of the increasingly complicated content protection landscape.

Webinar will be presented during Streaming Media East Connect 2021: May 17-27. Register now to join us online!