Intertrust ExpressPlay Newsletter—January 2021

Intertrust fires shots at Nagra’s hardware needs, preps cloud transitions

Imagine if DVB operators could broadcast directly to smart TVs and ditch the cost of set-top boxes! In this Faultline article and interview, Intertrust’s Ali Hodjat explains how this feat is possible  with ExpressPlay XCA in combination with existing smart TV security.

What’s at stake in the battle against live streaming piracy?

Live streaming is predicted to surpass non-live traffic by 2024.This rapid growth is also attracting an unprecedented wave of online piracy. Download this infographic to learn what’s at stake and how to arm yourself against content theft.

How to trust your player: Building an OTT service for today’s world

How well are you securing the delivery of your OTT service content—from origination to the end user’s browser-based player? This ultimately determines how well you are protecting your content and revenue from the technology side as well as the end-user side. In this on-demand webinar, learn how the different components of these services – and the relationships between them – are critical in forming an anti-piracy plan without gaps.

How To Trust Your Player is a collaboration between Bitmovin, Friend MTS, and Intertrust.

Marlin DRM – Open-standard DRM technology

Marlin DRM is an open-standard content protection specification for digital media distribution ecosystems. In addition to protecting HD and UHD 4K content, Marlin DRM also works with audio, eBooks, games, images, bytecodes, etc. To learn more, get the new datasheet here.