Intertrust ExpressPlay Newsletter—January 2022

Secure offline streaming for travel and in-transit content services

Intertrust’s ExpressPlay DRM Offline enables secure streaming through a multi-DRM solution designed to protect content delivery and playback in offline environments. It allows authenticated and authorized users to gain secure access to premium and rights managed content using Win/Mac browsers, smartphones and tablets. The solution is ideal for travel and hospitality applications with a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy. Download the solution brief now

Vewd Welcomes Intertrust ExpressPlay to Operator TV Ecosystem

Vewd, the leading provider of OTT software solutions, and Intertrust ExpressPlay recently announced that the ExpressPlay XCA content security solution has joined the Vewd Operator TV ecosystem. With this pre-integration, pay TV operators now have a complete Smart TV platform on which they can offer secure broadcast and OTT services via their own, branvded user interface and have an alternative to STBs to control the experience on the most important screen of the home. Read the announcement to learn more.


The cost-effective path to robust eSports content protection

Today’s eSports service providers are subject to piracy threats similar to those plaguing live-streamed sports. The time has come for wide-scale use of techniques to combat revenue-draining piracy and leveraging a modern content protection solution for eSports. Read the article to discover how the innovative use of cloud technology embodied in the ExpressPlay Media Security Suite fulfills all eSports security requirements.

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