Intertrust ExpressPlay Newsletter—December 2021

VIDAA and Intertrust deliver direct-to-TV broadcasting protected with ExpressPlay XCA

Hisense smart TVs, powered by the VIDAA SMART OS, are now available with embedded ExpressPlay XCA™ content security for broadcast TV protection. This joint solution enables secure direct-to-TV broadcasting using a cloud-based content protection service that meets the requirements of rights holders without requiring STBs or CAMs, providing major cost savings for both operators and consumers. Read the announcement to learn more.

Protecting live performance streaming services

Streaming of concerts and high-value live events has reached unprecedented scale. While Covid triggered the streaming surge, live performance OTT services will continue long after venues return to in-person attendance.  As a result, the ad hoc, often under-protected approaches to live-event streaming need to be reconsidered. Read this article to learn more about modern content protection services for high-value live events.


The emerging threats to the growth of eSports

The rapid growth of eSports has exposed it to a wide range of threats. Content piracy is an obvious and direct competitor to successful monetization by lawful publishers and distributors. Along with this, software hackers are also seeking to profit from app vulnerabilities and coding flaws to steal data, upload malware, or threaten business disruption. Read the article for insights into eSports threats.

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