Intertrust ExpressPlay Newsletter—August 2021

HD+ Germany: ExpressPlay XCA direct-to-TV broadcasting

HD+ operates a satellite DTH platform in Germany, delivering HD/UHD content to 2M+ paying subscribers. Intertrust offers a cloud-based broadcast security solution, ExpressPlay XCA, which protects broadcasting directly to smart TVs without requiring STBs/CAMs. The HD+ DTH service, protected by ExpressPlay XCA, features smart TVs with pre-integrated XCA client security – no STBs/CAMs required. Download the case study.

Addressing content protection risks in eSports and live sports

Live sports events are slowly regaining pre-pandemic attendance rates while the live-streamed content is projected to maintain its popularity. That said, there are countless “professional-grade” pirates stealing premium sports content to monetize illegally. In this Bitmovin video, Intertrust explains how live sports streamers can battle piracy with advanced multi-DRM, watermarking and anti-piracy services. Watch the webcast now.

Attract new subscribers and revenue with the right anti-piracy strategy

Live streaming theft is a serious problem, and projected revenue losses keep going up. A closer look at the value and type of streaming piracy is critical to implement an effective service protection strategy. In fact, the right anti-piracy strategy will help convert users of piracy services to new subscribers, resulting in higher revenue. Read this article to learn more about the types of streaming piracy and how to address the issues successfully.


Market trends impacting e-learning content protection

As video content becomes more integral in the e-learning landscape, service providers must ensure safety from piracy to secure full monetization and a return on their investment. Read this article to learn about current trends of the e-learning marketplace and the potential piracy risks faced by the industry.

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