Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM Integrated by Trapemn Through Partnership with Wowza™ Media Systems

Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM Chosen Solution for Rapid, Seamless Deployment of Protected Premium Content in Latin America.

SAN FRANCISCO—April 8, 2020— Intertrust, the pioneer in Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and Wowza™ Media Systems announced an integrated solution for multi-country IPTV provider Trapemn. The solution provides rapid and seamless integration of DRM for the deployment of premium content across Trapemn’s installations in Chile and other countries.

Through the partnership with Wowza Media Systems the company integrated Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM into its video platform. By reducing the complexities of video and audio multi-screen delivery, Wowza enables organizations to expand their reach and more deeply engage their audiences in industries ranging from education to broadcasting. Trapemn is a content aggregator focused on providing Over the Top (OTT) services for ISPs, cable operators and the hospitality market.

“Trapemn was required to integrate strong DRM security into their solution because their customers required the ability to distribute premium content from major content owners and they needed to deploy quickly,” offered Tom Carroux, Intertrust Sales Director, Americas. “The cloud-based ExpressPlay multi-DRM service provided a turnkey solution that would accelerate delivery to their customers, and the integration with Wowza’s streaming platform provided a seamless solution.”

ExpressPlay DRM conforms to industry standards to protect content according to the highest security requirements worldwide. It has allowed Trapemn to integrate content to be delivered to STBs and mobile devices, adjusting to the requirements of the dynamic architecture of OTT solutions.

“Trapemn found that Intertrust´s ExpressPlay DRM service adapted to our immediate needs while enabling Trapemn to move confidently towards the development of a larger scale solution in the future as our footprint and needs grow,” said Trapemn CEO Martin Lecaros.

“Through integration with Intertrust ExpressPlay multi-DRM service, Wowza is proud to deliver our reliable, high-availability streaming service to Trapemn as a scalable OTT solution,” says Ben Mesander, VP of engineering at Wowza Media Systems. “As a global company, Wowza is eager to help Trapemn serve customers in Chile and across South America.”

The ExpressPlay DRM Plug-In for Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server enables on-the-fly packaging of DASH and HLS content. The Plug-In dynamically retrieves encryption keys from the ExpressPlay DRM Key Management System (KMS) that are either loaded in advance or created on-the-fly. The keys are securely managed by the ExpressPlay DRM KMS and are readily available to the ExpressPlay licensing service to issue DRM licenses for Marlin, Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay Streaming and Microsoft PlayReady compatible devices.

Trapemn is currently operating in Chile and Peru, and will be launching Colombia and Ecuador in the next few months. Trapemn provides a value alternative for high quality IP content management solutions, with hospitality services, virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPD), and OTT solutions for ISPs, including IP channel transmission services. Currently Trapemn distributes content in six countries and is expanding, reaching Europe in the third quarter of this year. Trapemn has content rights agreements for the distribution of more than 120 channels.

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