Content protection for media and entertainment

Content protection and anti-piracy services for premium and high-value OTT streaming and broadcast delivery.

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One-stop shop for media and entertainment content protection and anti-piracy services

The emergence of streaming as a crucial component of pay-TV business models has spawned unprecedented online piracy. Reversing this worrisome trend requires a new, innovative approach that goes well beyond legacy security platforms optimized for traditional broadcasting and streaming services.

To ensure robust content protection in this new era, Intertrust offers the ExpressPlay Media Security Suite, comprising cloud-based multi-DRM service, anti-piracy and forensic watermarking services, and a new approach for broadcast security based on the open-standard Marlin DRM.

One-stop shop for Media & Entertainment content protection and anti-piracy services

Robust content protection solutions for media and entertainment

The cloud-based ExpressPlay Media Security Suite enables multi-DRM content delivery for OTT streaming services, broadcast TV, hybrid TV, as well as transportation and hospitality use cases complemented by state-of-the-art anti-piracy and forensic watermarking services.

Securing high-value streaming services

Multi-DRM solutions implement pay-TV security for OTT streaming services, and for cable/satellite operators to augment their broadcast services with OTT access, at home and on-the-go. A top-tier multi-DRM service is key to the secure delivery of premium live and on-demand services.

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Next-generation security for broadcast content delivery

Today’s smart TV vendors provide STB-level security, enabling content protection processing to shift from the STB to the rendering device. Smart TV-centric content protection eliminates HDMI ripping and lowers TCO by retiring the STBs, thus maximizing overall security.

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Secure offline streaming for transportation and hospitality

Today’s on-the-go entertainment consumers expect uninterrupted content access on their mobile devices. DRM protected programming may be offered through caching servers in Wi-Fi hotspots, with secure on-demand streaming to authorized user devices.

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Anti-piracy services for enhanced content protection

As online video viewing continues to surge at a global level, so too does a new breed of media piracy. It is now more important than ever to apply top-tier content protection and anti-piracy services to identify and shut down increasingly sophisticated media pirates and hackers.

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Secure content packaging with ExpressPlay DRM

The cloud-based ExpressPlay multi-DRM service provides complete, end-to-end content protection for live and on-demand services that meets even the toughest Hollywood standards for secure OTT streaming including UHD security.

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Fastly on-the-fly secure packaging

Integrated Fastly and Intertrust workflow optimizes performance with streamlined secure packaging and playback of DRM-protected content, combining Fastly’s on-the-fly packaging with Intertrust’s ExpressPlay multi-DRM service. The solution provides a one-stop highly scalable and secure workflow for content packaging and delivery with studio-approved security and minimal latency, to any device.

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AWS Elemental Media Services

ExpressPlay multi-DRM service is interoperable with AWS Elemental MediaPackage and AWS Elemental MediaConvert, leveraging the Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE) interface to protect premium content for live and on-demand OTT streaming services. The solution enables secure streaming anywhere, anytime, and on any device–using any DRM.

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ExpressPlay DRM

Cloud-based multi-DRM media monetization service for OTT streaming operators and content distributors.

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ExpressPlay XCA

Cloud-based security service that frees pay-TV operators from the expensive and rigid conditional access system (CAS) approaches for protecting broadcast content.

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ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy and Watermarking

The service incorporates content protection functionality that includes web piracy monitoring and legal enforcement for linear, live event and VOD content. Choice of client-side or server-side watermark insertion.

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