Simply Secure

3 lines of code and you’re done.

In a simple case, drop in three lines of code to enable protected playback in your app.

init = EXP_Initialize(^(result) {[alert show]});
player = [[EXP_MoviePlayerController alloc] initWithProtectedContentURL: url type: WSB_PPMST_DASH];
[player play];
sdk tamper resistance

Tamper-Resistant DRM SDKs

ExpressPlay DRM service provides iOS and Android SDKs that are ‘hardened’ with Zimperium MAPS tamper resistance technology. This ensures that your app has a secure playback pipeline which is extremely difficult to modify or circumvent.

Everything you need is in one easy package. We also provide a test version of the ExpressPlay DRM SDK with free unlimited test tokens. You can develop under the free trial, then pick a service plan once you’re ready to ship your app.