Intertrust ExpressPlay Newsletter—May 2022

The rise of the FAST phenomenon

There’s a disruptive trend shaping up in the red-hot free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) market. Ongoing success for FAST providers could well hinge on their ability to differentiate their services with compelling programming that will require premium content protection. In fact, FAST operators are facing the same multi-DRM and anti-piracy challenges as OTT pay services.  The fact that services are offered for free is no excuse to ignore the security issues as we discuss in this article – read it now.

Why converged media consumption requires a converged security solution

With the growth and penetration of smart TVs as the main device for converged media consumption, it is possible to eliminate the two-silo security approach and leverage a converged security system for delivering hybrid broadcast TV and OTT services. Read this article to learn how such an approach will save both CAPEX and operational headaches.

Choosing multi-DRM solutions in a global digital media landscape

In the world today, a growing percentage of live and on-demand content is delivered via OTT streaming providers. For paid content, DRM is a fundamental part of securing the delivery to a global audience. That process itself is subject to fragmentation across jurisdictions, technologies and device types, leading to availability gaps, consumer frustration, and compatibility issues. In this article we take a look at the challenges and available solutions – read it now.

Talk to one of our friendly security experts

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