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ExpressPlay Media Security Suite is a cloud-based monetization service for content owners and distributors of live and VOD services.

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ExpressPlay Media Security Suite solution brief

One-stop shop for media and entertainment content protection and anti-piracy services.

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World's premier cloud-based content protection service from the pioneer of digital rights management (DRM)

A major shift is underway as users increasingly bypass traditional broadcast TV for OTT streaming services. Intertrust supports this accelerating trend with a unified content protection solution spanning broadcast TV delivery and OTT streaming, complemented by anti-piracy services.

The cloud-based ExpressPlay Media Security Suite is optimized for content owners and distributors of live and VOD content. It includes all components required to meet stringent content licensing security requirements:

  • 익스프레스플레이 DRM: Cloud-based multi-DRM service
  • ExpressPlay 불법 복제 방지 및 워터마킹: Forensic watermarking, piracy monitoring and identification
  • 익스프레스플레이 XCA: Converged security for broadcasting and OTT streaming
  • ExpressPlay Offline DRM: Secure download and offline playback
World's premier cloud-based content protection service from the pioneer of digital rights management (DRM)

Robust content protection and anti-piracy services

ExpressPlay DRM consists of a cloud-based and studio trusted multi-DRM service, unique broadcast TV security, comprehensive anti-piracy services, and an offline multi-DRM platform.

Intertrust Kiora is an end-to-end content delivery platform ideal for offline transportation and hospitality applications. Service providers can easily publish and stream content via Wi-Fi hotspots to users’ devices.

Cloud-based multi-DRM service

ExpressPlay DRM is the only integrated and cloud-based multi-DRM service that supports the five major DRMs including Apple FairPlay Streaming, Google Widevine, 마이크로소프트 플레이레디, Adobe Primetime, and the open-standard 말린 DRM. ExpressPlay DRM scales to protect millions of concurrent viewers for major live events with a cost-effective, low latency and global solution.

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포렌식 워터마킹, 불법 복제 모니터링 및 식별

ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy and Watermarking service (powered by Friend MTS) incorporates content protection functionality that features web piracy monitoring and legal enforcement for linear, live, and VOD content. The approach combines online piracy monitoring processes based on fingerprinting with a watermarking technology that supports fast extraction of payloads in redistributed content. A server-side watermarking option is also available through ExpressPlay Watermarking (powered by ContentArmor™).

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Converged security for OTT streaming and broadcasting

ExpressPlay XCA is a cloud-based service for protecting broadcast content leveraging the open-standard Marlin DRM. ExpressPlay XCA enables pay-TV operators and broadcasters to deliver premium/UHD content securely to smart TVs without requiring set-top boxes or external security hardware. This DRM-based solution protects hybrid DVB broadcast and OTT streaming services with a converged client security stack.

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Secure download and offline playback

ExpressPlay DRM Offline is a multi-DRM platform that features the studio trusted and open-standard Marlin DRM along with Google Widevine Modular and Apple FairPlay Streaming. It is designed to secure content delivery and playback in offline environments. When combined with the Kiora content delivery platform and premium programming from Filmbankmedia, it enables a turnkey solution for premium entertainment.

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