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Secure Streaming and Broadcast Workflows

Informe de la encuesta: flujos de trabajo de transmisión y transmisión seguros de 2022

Today’s live-linear and live-event streaming providers share a similar end goal with broadcasters: deliver live content, at scale, to a global audience, while also protecting premier-event or premium content revenues from piracy. Streaming Media, Intertrust ExpressPlay, and Help Me Stream Research Foundation surveyed a wide range of content creators and distributors, including pure-play OTT providers, over-the-air (OTA) broadcasters, and premium cable and satellite providers, to learn more about the value of a converged approach to secure streaming.

By downloading this survey report, you’ll gain insights into the following:

  • Converged security solutions for both streaming and broadcast workflows
  • Industry perceptions of existing rights management solutions
  • Anti-piracy approaches to rights management beyond DRM
  • Advantages to direct broadcast delivery
  • Ways to educate subscribers and viewers to outsized piracy issues

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