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Technical support for video operators and partners.
Benefit from our many years of trusted computing
innovation and expertise.

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What we offer

Intertrust offers a range of digital rights management and secure computing consulting and professional services, including services that cover secure transaction management and streaming media workflows from content capture to display, featuring cloud-based ExpressPlay multi-DRM services:

End-to-end content protection to enable secure Live and VOD streaming services

Multi-screen digital rights management (DRM) and cloud-based multi-DRM services

Watermarking and anti-piracy services to extend content security beyond the receiver

Intertrust’s global team of developers, researchers and support staff all share the same goals and unrelenting focus as enablers of customer success. A long history of attracting and retaining top talent and performing pioneering R&D allows Intertrust to bring new, innovative and disruptive solutions to market.

Consulting and professional services

Intertrust provides consulting and professional services throughout the entire project lifecycle, which we tailor to the needs of operators, technology vendors, and service partners. Since many project challenges are of a one-time nature, it is faster and more cost effective to use our professional services team than to find, hire and pay for an in-house team of experts to tackle non-recurring tasks. Together we can help you overcome the most complex streaming media and DRM challenges.

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Initial consulting services to explore an operator’s goals and challenges

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Understanding studio content licensing and security requirements

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System and device integration and/or project-specific customization

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Operational guidelines to optimize workflows and performance

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Demo and proof-of-concept set-up for internal/external use

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Training and custom workshops, from multi-DRM service set-up to operations

30 years of innovation and counting

Benefit from our 30 years of trusted computing innovation and expertise. Our global reach and ability to adapt and scale swiftly to our customers’ demanding requirements is one of many reasons for the longevity of our customer relationships. No challenge is too big (or too small) for our team to tackle.

Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified engineers can help with a multitude of cloud-related tasks, workflows, integrations, regional redundancy, and fail-over configurations.

Our best-of-breed technology partner ecosystem provides pre-integrated solutions in areas such as content processing, chipsets, and client devices—including smart TVs, middleware, and OTT applications. Our joint solutions also address media players, watermarking, anti-piracy services, and more.

Professional services can be offered at one of our many offices, or at customer/partner locations, or via video conferencing. Contáctenos for a no-obligation discussion, or explore our content security solutions.

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Professional Services

Digital Rights Management and
cloud-based multi-DRM services

A solid DRM system provides the foundation of a successful pay-TV business, yet all too often it is ignored during the planning stage. Such an oversight reveals itself when it is time to negotiate content licensing with studios since the first question will be "what content protection system will you use"?

Content security cannot be an afterthought but must be incorporated into the end-to-end media workflow from the outset. Let us help solve your content protection concerns – our security experts can even guide you through the complex content licensing process.

Intertrust also provides an extensive FAQ page to explain the technical concepts and terms. Our DRM ExpressPlay enables operators to address all kinds of consumer devices with common DRMs through a convenient and cloud-based multi-DRM service:

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Learn more about multi-DRM client compatibility with browsers, mobile devices, smart TVs, etc.

Beyond technical support technical partnership

Intertrust prides itself on offering the world’s great service providers and device makers with mission critical DRM products and services. We view our customers as an important part of an ongoing, lasting ecosystem, not as short-term monetization opportunities. Our partnerships extend to customers, where we work together and provide expert guidance to improve their services and devices.

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