Intertrust ExpressPlay Newsletter—November 2020

Cómo confiar en su jugador: creación de un servicio OTT para el mundo actual

How you secure the delivery of valuable OTT streaming content, from origination to online consumers, ultimately determines how well you are protecting your content and revenue.

In this webinar, the fifth and final installment of the How to Trust Your Player series, we will hear how the different components—and the relationships between them—are critical in forming a continuous anti-piracy strategy without gaps.

How to trust your player is a collaborative effort between Bitmovin, Friend MTS, and Intertrust.

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On-demand webinar: Live streaming in the “New Normal”

Live streaming is facing new challenges and opportunities due to the pandemic. Delivering flawless live events to viewers across the world is a new reality, bringing people together in the safety of their homes. Watch this video to learn about the audience and revenue of live streaming, the top concerns of viewers and streaming providers, and the new content protection challenges for live events.


How to trust your player – Secure video streaming

The third part of our joint How to Trust Your Player series with Bitmovin and Friend MTS is here! In this installment the conversation turns to how to protect valuable streaming content in web-based environments. It is followed up with a Fireside Chat on the topic.


How to trust your player – Video watermarking weighs In

The fourth part of the HTTYP series is now available! We previously discussed the initial requirements to securing valuable content while ensuring a high-quality user experience. Now we’ll cover an additional strategy to combat online piracy with video watermarking, which is also discussed in a Fireside chat.