Wasabi ExpressPlay SDK for Embedded Systems  1.23.0
Here is a list of all modules:
 WSB_Components ClassWasabi component information access
 WSB_Element ClassA typed data structure access facility
 WSB_License ClassMarlin Broadband license object
 WSB_LicenseStore ClassMarlin Broadband license database access
 WSB_MediaSource Class(DASH) Media data access
 WSB_MediaDataDecrypter ClassMarlin protected media data decryption
 WSB_MediaAdapter ClassA media adapter to adapt content for playback based on caller preference
 WSB_TrackInfo ClassMedia track information access
 WSB_MediaFile ClassMedia file information access
 WSB_MediaStream ClassA general Marlin protected data access interface
 WSB_ProxyManager ClassThe global Wasabi HTTP Proxy control
 WSB_ResultExplanation ClassHigh level Wasabi API result interpretation helper
 WSB_RightsEnabler ClassWasabi license retrieval and consumption
 WSB_Runtime ClassThe Wasabi SDK initialization and termination
 EMB_Item ClassRetrieves the data of an item
 EMB_Processor ClassProcesses EMM (Entitlement Management Message)
 EMB_Storage ClassPerforms various operations on the store
 WSB_ActionResultConstraint ClassMarlin license consumption constraints access
 WSB_ActionResultInfo ClassMarlin license consumption result information access
 WSB_Config_ValidateActionResult ClassWasabi Action Result Validator API
 WSB_DrmDbus ClassWasabi Marlin DRM D-Bus interface
 WSB_EcmDecrypter ClassA helper module for extracting the traffic key information from BBTS
 WSB_KeyManager ClassDRM keys container
 WSB_MediaAesDecrypter ClassThe media AES decrypter
 WSB_MediaDownload ClassMedia content downloader module
 WSB_MediaSegmentDecrypter ClassMarlin Media Segment Decrypter API module
 WSB_Ms3Client ClassMarlin MS3 URL handling module
 WSB_Ms3Sas ClassMarlin MS3 SAS object management
 WSB_PlaybackEnabler ClassHigh level Marlin protected content enabler module
 WSB_PlaylistProxy ClassAn HTTP proxy for in-application Marlin media access
 WSB_SkbAp4BlockCipherFactory ClassSKB based AP4 block cipher API
 WSB_Ts2Crypto ClassWasabi Marlin Ts2 Crypto interface
 SHI_ActionResult ClassA Wasabi Action processing results module
 SHI_Action ClassWasabi Action APIs module
 SHI_Attribute ClassA hierarchical typed elements collection data structure
 SHI_BlockCipher ClassGeneric block cipher interface
 SHI_Data ClassTyped data values module
 SHI_Engine ClassThe central object for DRM interaction
 SHI_License ClassThe Marlin license processing module
 SHI_LicenseInfo classMarlin license information object
 SHI_Iterator ClassA generic iterator over a collection of SHI_Data objects
 SHI_List ClassA SHI_List object represents an ordered list of SHI_Data objects
 SHI_Properties ClassAn indexed collection of typed name/value pairs
 SHI_Service ClassA media service APIs module
 SHI_ServiceUser ClassA media service subscriber APIs module
 SHI_ServiceSubscription ClassA media service subscription APIs module